Friday, May 28, 2010

Happy Things...

I've had a lot of things get me down this week, most of them have made me just clamp my teeth and try to grin and bear it (like unexpectedly having to shell out for new tires on our car in order to pass state inspection. sigh. don't get me started.)

I realized I haven't posted on here recently, and that's mostly just because life has gotten busy. Don't worry, there will be catch-up posts on the things I've been working on (Hints: Office, Portraits...). For now though, I'd just like to talk about things that make me happy:

Seen this show? It's from across the pond, and even though I've seen all three seasons before, I recently revisited them and probably laughed just as hard as the first time through. Maybe it's because I married a nerd and I can totally relate in a way that I probably couldn't before. You can rent it through Netflix.

Sleep. Really good quality, dream inducing, wow-I-just-slept-for-an-ungodly-amount-of-hours-but-it-was-worth-every-second sleep. Arthur and I collectively have been suffering from a head cold for about the last month. Seriously, nothing is better than sleeping and not being interrupted by coughing, hacking, sniffling, aching or shivering. I'm so grateful for good health. (Also, I'm not a fan of beds with curtains, but I really like those in that picture!)

People who happily listen to what I have to say, and thank me for my suggestions. There was a woman at the salon the other day who is planning a wedding for her daughter and was happy to discuss the finer points of flowers, color schemes, and good cake with me. I felt so validated. Our friend Justin also does this every time we come over-- he asks what I think of what they've done with the decor in their home (they just moved into a brand new house) and I feel so important! It's nice to have people like your opinions and trust what you say. I'm not so brazen as to start another blog about what I think is important, (I'm not that arrogant) it's just nice to feel the perk of being appreciated once and awhile.

My wonderful husband. Just today he brought home a hey cupcake! just to cheer me up. He's the one who can make me laugh no matter how I'm feeling and encourage me to follow my dreams and live up to my potential. He's my best asset and I'd be lost without him. Love Love Love him.

The gospel of Jesus Christ. I don't talk much about faith on my blog, I'm not sure why, but I'm truly grateful for the hand of the Lord in my life. When I'm feeling lost or confused or frustrated, I love that I'm able to get down on my knees, pour out my heart in prayer, and know that He hears me. It's the biggest greatest blessing I have in my life, and it makes me so happy.

Those are just a few things that make me happy. There's plenty more, but this would be a long and tedious blog post if  I listed them all. (Isn't that what happens when you start counting your blessings?)

Sunday, May 9, 2010



Today I am giving a talk in church about mother's day and in the spirit of being nice to everyone, I'm not going to talk about how my mother is amazing, but rather on how we can improve our relationships with our mothers.
So I'm going to take the moment here to say to you that you are the best. Thank you for staying home and raising me, forgoing a career when it would have made life a little easier. Thanks for teaching me how to do just about everything, and instilling in me a love of the arts, and teaching me how to truly have joy in my life. Thank you for teaching me the gospel, and being nice to me and forgiving me even when I wasn't so deserving of forgiveness.

I love you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

busy busy busy

Since our last post our calendar kinda read like this:

Tim and Ruthi's Wedding-- a true Austin event (it sounds odd to say keeping it weird, but that phrase totally fits the bill) it was lovely to see all of our friends who are now married and living on the other side of town, or still single.

How to Train Your Dragon-- cute movie but better because we went with our good friends Paul and Elizabeth, who we truly don't see enough. Its nice to have another couple who laughs at all the same parts as you do in the previews.

The best movie EVER-- Arthur and I ventured out to the Alamo Drafthouse to go see "The Good The Bad and The Weird" a korean western. You'll have to believe me when I say it's the best movie I've seen in over a year. That and I had an awesome steak sandwich while I watched the movie. <3

Bridal Shower fun-- I may have eaten one of the best cakes ever at my future Sister In Law's Bridal Shower. Yes, they're not getting married till August. She's doing a study abroad of sorts in Egypt though, and gets back a week before they get married, so that's why there's 4 bridal showers in the next 3 weeks in her honor.

Hello Lake Pflugerville-- in a weird non thinking fit, I ventured to up to Michele and Justin's or what I have dubbed "the other side of the planet" during rush hour traffic. Fortunately, I arrived in time to see some of Pflugerville's finest taking advantage of the good weather. Unfortunately, I didn't take pictures because it would have been much too obvious.

The Last Weekend-- Now the semester is nearly over and I regain my husband come Monday. But this weekend, all we've been doing is fighting off a serious cold (Arthur), and preparing to speak in church. (Me)

Oh.... I also got a job. Receptionist work. Part-time.
Yay me.