Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Blogging in the fast lane.

So, I finally figured out how to set up my blogging app on my iPhone. Hallelujah! Part of the reason there hasn't been any posts is because I have no time!!! But with the ability to blog from the road now, expect many more posts about hilarity in general. I'll probably add this in later but we watched an awesome clip of the daily show last night:

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

our latest debate...

...isn't over our wedding colors, furniture, cars, or even what kind of cake we want at our wedding. (we actually can agree on that-- as we agree on most things)
Nope, our never ending debate as of late is about coke.
Yup. Specifically-- if carbonated sodas TASTE differently in their respective containers. I contest that they do not. Arthur insists that a cold can of dr. pepper tastes infinitely better over its plastic bottle counterpart. My parents, upon surveying, are convinced that in a cold glass bottle is the optimum methodology for serving soda.
And why can't we agree to disagree? We have, only, upon drinking said dr. pepper out of a can at dinner, or breakfast or whenever, Arthur brings up the subject with others. I don't mind... I just want to lay the subject to rest. Because in my mind, nothing changes about the soda formula in whatever container its in. Its still the sweet elixer of the universe (AKA Diet Coke with Lime).
So Dear Internet, please resolve this difference of opinion once and for all--
does soda really change taste when inside a different container?
If so, which container is the best?
And does it really matter, as I drink coke european style-- room temperature, out of the can, no ice?

Arthur claims it tastes better out of a can like this. I say its just an excuse for slurping soda.

After all, when you drink the sweet elixir of the universe, you happen to know better after all.