Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad Meal....groan....

So today we decided to have company over for the first time ever. Our friends Paul and Elizabeth were married about 2 weeks after us, and prior to this evening had already invited us over for dinner at their home up in Round Rock. We had really tasty waffles at their house and played games.
So we decided to return the favor, and have them over for dinner.
(This is the key to developing friendships as a married couple, according to my mother. She says that people who aren't raised in barns get this, and that's how you go about making friends-- exchanging social graces. I just thought that was important to throw out there-- I am trying very hard.)
The thing is, not having many original ideas for what to make for dinner, I decided to throw together two recipes that SHOULD have been very good, had I been able to read the recipes correctly. Instead, I ruined the soup by throwing the lime garnish in too early, and giving it a terrible after taste, and I put way too much baking soda in the cornbread, making it edible only with loads of butter and honey.

Terribly Pathetic. Pathetic on an astronomical scale. I should just fall over in the kitchen from now on and stop trying. really.

Otherwise, we had an enjoyable evening. We had some great laughs, dumbfounded each other with our scattagory skills (who knew that Elizabeth and I would both think of Setee?!?)
So enjoyable, we forgot to take pictures.

Still, the meal was a major letdown. Thank goodness they brought dessert.
I am sorry Paul, I am sorry Elizabeth.
Next time, Arthur's cooking. Promise.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

They're coming!!!

Thank-you notes! After almost three months after the big day, I've finally got them written and sent out. Whew! Except to the person who gave us those white canisters-- I don't know who you are-- but thank-you. And "Stanley and Amy Romriell" There is no Stanley and Amy Romriell that we know or that we invited to our wedding, but apparently, they gave us $50. So thank-you imaginary couple, thank-you.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

As promised...

Pics of our table and our first REAL meal on it! We've actually had the table for about a week, but I felt like this was the occasion to truly document it coming into our lives-- I'm so grateful to have a table! We purchased it on the holiday last week and I stayed up quite late assembeling all the little bits together using the tiny tools that come with.

(Apologies for the out of focus pic though...and the close-up of just the table. The walls are quite naked, so I'm refraining to take pictures until i've got the clock, and some wall hangings up)

I have to brag about both the pasta dishes and the pasta. The pasta dishes I asked for christmas, or for my birthday, when I was in high school! I had this funny idea of creating a dowry type thing-- since of course I'd be getting married soon, after I'd be going to byu for awhile. HA! While that didn't work out the way I planned, (thank goodness!) I'm quite pleased that I asked for nice stuff back then-- and that my mother kept it all in her closet for me while i was in college!

Isn't it cute? The large pasta bowl and matching bowls all have images of classic italian pasta advertisements on them.

As for the pasta-- it was delish! Arthur and I make quite the team in the kitchen, and I was pleased with our multi tasking skills. The recipe is a favorite that I found in real simple a few years ago, and that I was able to find again on their website, here. Quick, flavorful, and quite hearty, it pleases just about everyone. But don't be fooled-- it is not healthy. Like it the name says its all about the carbs. But then, it does have bacon in it, which is the food of the gods, so really, who's complaining?

Not me!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Last Friday we had the pleasure of taking in the Battle of the Lakes: Lake Travis vs. Westlake High School Football game. Its a "rivarly" in that the two schools/neighborhoods of austin are next door to one another, and constantly competing against each other in an imaginary keeping up with the jones' race. (FYI: Lake Travis won! WOOT!)
It was overjoyus however to experience a proper high school football game-- I thought it was normal growing up, and only upon returning to Texas did I come to realize that actually, the whole experience is unique unto itself. I hope everyone has an oppritunity to once take in a high school football game in Texas-- it's like being in the movie Friday Night Lights.

Does your high school team come out of an inflatable tunnel at the start of the game? I think not! Only in Texas!

All Elated Fans... Promise!
Have you ever seen so many fans at a high school game?! Answer: Nope! Only in Texas!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

1 Year Ago....

I half heartedly decided to go to a party where I hardly knew anyone.
I had to google the address.
I showed up, and was pretty bored.
Until he walked in the door:

He was wearing a makeshift cast on his right arm, and I made some weird/smart-ass comment about unicorn healing powers for his cast.

And so started a beautiful thing!

A year ago Arthur and I met at a mutual friend's birthday party-- I recall talking about horror movies, football, and... unicorns. right. I can't say it was love at first sight, but it was definitly an appreciation of like-minds, senses of humors, and interests. I had no idea that a year later, we would be married, living in our second apartment, and testing out our crock-pot and its amazing abilities to cook great meals with very little input.

Et Voila! Meal!

Happy 1 year of knowing you anniversary!