Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bridesmaids Dresses....

Ode to a Bridesmaid's Dress:

Satin, Taffeta, Silk
Ruching and Beading Galore
So many different colors and options
Bridesmaids should n'er be a bore.
Yet in the garden of fabric
how does it always seem
that a bride somehow overwrought
with decisions
chooses the fabric reminiscent of lima beans?

I've had opinions about bridesmaids dresses for a long time-- despite never being a bridesmaid. I just always thought that instead of insisting on some color that Bridesmaids should just wear nice black dresses and then be over and done with it.
Well, I must have been saying my opinion too loudly, because in the past year I've seen at least 3 different weddings where the bride chose black dresses for her bridesmaids. And you know what?
I hate it.
It looks like your bridesmaids are at a funeral! Sure it may be classy, sure your bridesmaids will wear the dress again, but you know-- you don't want them looking like they're wearing black to symbolize the pain and suffering of a hard marriage. You want them to look happy!
Which is how I ended up thinking about the colors of summer, since we're having a summer wedding, and then on saturday, actually picking out the bridesmaids' dresses. Two of my bridesmaids were present, and seemed relatively pleased with the dress. (Although, bless their hearts, they would have worn anything I picked out. In fact, they were so good as to say "Whatever you want" when I asked their opinions, it kinda made it hard to choose the dress)

Here's our winner:

Its a little more pink on the computer than in real life-- in real life its closer to a peach color than pink. The fabric color is named shrimp-- to give you an idea.

Friday, February 20, 2009

food expenses...

I had no idea catering could be so dang expensive. I feel like its often a lot of the service that goes with-- like I'm looking for someone to cater my event, rent the tables and shiz, set it all up and take it all down. Because I'm gonna be busy that day, and I don't want to worry. Part of me wonders if I should have a day of wedding coordinator. Its quite tempting, yet I resist it...WHY? I don't know. Maybe its the inner bridezilla saying that she will not be taken down with force. Suddenly I feel like breathing fire. Maybe I should tell Arthur that there is a slight chance of me turning into a velociraptor during this whole process. (He has an eery love/fear of velociraptors)

Maybe I should wait to play that card when he insists on keeping the easy chair. mwhahahah.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Neutrality Schmeutrality

(from Arthur who saw it on: xkcd.com)

Arthur's version of wedding invitations...

I picked out a wedding invitation and showed Arthur yesterday (wednesday), and while he seemed to like it, he also asked if we could stick, and I quote, "a longhorn on there somewhere." My mother laughed, and said that if Bevo got on there, then so did Cosmo. Arthur then suggested that the two be battling with swords. Behold, for the general viewing public, Arthur's version of an appropriate wedding invitation:

Yes, its that awesome.



Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I've succumbed! Shoot me now!

Despite vowing to never have one of those "I'm married, cute, kinda bored and I blog about life all the time kind of blogs" after reading updates from married friends (see sidebar), I suddenly longed to be part of the club, even though I've just gotten engaged. Figures.

However, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to blog about the wedding planning process, no? Exactly-- that's what I thought: fabulous writing content for a blog. I suppose Arthur can post about his tech projects too since that's what he's working on these days.