Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 months and 9 days into marriage later…

I make a blog post. I feel tremendously guilty about my lack of blogging about the whole process, like I said I was going to—but life got in the way. I can’t explain it, but all I did was eat/dream/sleep wedding until I got married, and then I suppose I’ve been silently practicing married life without any commentary since.

So let’s just say this then—our wedding was fabulous. I had my perfect day—I mean with the exception of the discovery this evening that I forgot to give Arthur my grandfather’s cuff links to wear on our wedding day (like I had always ALWAYS planned—I toted them around with me all the time for this specific purpose)—with the exception of forgetting that minor detail everything else was a dream. I floated on cloud 9. I am married to the man of my dreams, and I had the party of all parties to celebrate.

What more can I ask for??

A place to hang things on the wall, actually.

I kid, I jest, I joke. I say such a thing because we actually spent ALL day today moving all of our belongings into a new apartment, in which we will be living for the next year. For those of you who need the vital information about the whereabouts and digits—don’t worry its coming. I’m planning on creating moving cards very soon—and in preparation I watched this video about stamping and embossing. Yes, I’m a paper nerd. Deal.

So besides the mountain of boxes in our soon to be dining room,

the place is looking fairly good for less than 24 hours of living here. I promise to take pictures of our adventures when say, we get a dining room table (Ikea? Wal-mart? Craigslist? I just don’t know!) and we eat a meal on it. Or maybe if I cook a meal—and we eat it at our table—that’s worth celebrating right there.

Acutally, this is worth celebrating too. Nothing like a little sibiling help on move day. :)

Until then—