Sunday, April 11, 2010

Optional Instructions: Employ husband.

That's what the instructions for hanging a wall shelf should read. Use husband. Because this is what happens when someone (me) who doesn't know how to put a bit into a drill properly, decides to hang a floating shelf:

Why is that every tool in the house combined with an odd assortment of decorating items?
 Why yes, yes it is.

Are those gigantic holes in the wall, where a floating shelf should be? Yes. The fourth whole over, that really dark one-- yeah, accidentally put the anchor screw all the way through the dry wall on that one. So what did we do? Plaster'd her up, waited another day, and put my husband to work using the kind of anchor screws that actually anchor. (Note: Don't ever use the screws or anchor screws that Target gives you in the product. They will not work. You think we would have learned our lesson with our blinds...)

The results? Voila!

Ok, it's a little color bland. I should probably introduce color into the candlesticks or put a photo of something quite colorful in place of where the saying plate is.

View with the whole room. Awesome!

And one more time just for kicks. It's beautiful.

I love you Arthur. And I promise, I will never wield a drill again.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winning on the Radio...

Behold, what might these be?

(Sorry for the crappy iphone pic) 

So, if you can't read that, those are 2 tickets to go see The Barenaked Ladies in concert.

They're the fellows who sing this song:

One of my favs. Also, they sing this little ditty you might have heard called "If I had $1,000,000" Go ahead, google it, and transport yourself back to the 90s when you didn't have responsibilities and everyone had money still.

Yeah. Them. GREAT band.

So those two tickets, to that GREAT band, did I buy those tickets?

Please, it's me. I was known in high school for going to school the next day and saying, "No way! [X band] was in town last night? They're my favorite! Dang it!" For growing up and living in the live music capital of the world, I've been to surprisingly very few shows. So alas, how did I get my paws on these tickets???

Well, before spring break, I was on my way to Michele & Justin's house, listening to the radio, when a contest came on. And I kid you not, I almost changed the station, because I have very little patience for talking on the radio. But I didn't. Instead, I heard the DJ ask this question:

"What celebrity has said that if they could, they would shave their head?"

And of its own accord, my hand picked up my phone, dialed the radio station's number, which I magically knew (years of listening and never calling-in perhaps) and within seconds, I was on the air with DJ.

Wanna know what my answer was?? Huh?

This man:

You may or may not be aware, that my husband met this man, Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame, at the austin film festival, when the film How to Be premiered, and my husband frantically ran around trying to get the sound fixed for the showing. Arthur insists, and I believe him, that R-Patz is a blithering english idiot.

So, my one step connection to R-Patz combined with the fact that you cannot pick up a magazine anywhere without something about him in it, has given me 2 items of R-Patz trivia.

1) Supposedly, R-Patz does not shower, and you can smell him before he enters a room. (Explains how the hair stays in place, eh?)

2) R-Patz has said that as an actor, 50% of his performance is his hair. (which I find scandalous, as a former actor. belittling. ridiculous. HAIR? ACTING HAIR? please.)

Going off of trivia bit number 2, I told the DJ that it was Sir Robert. I was correct. I won the tickets. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

If you're wondering, I totally got all squeeky voiced on the radio because of excitement. Figures!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's Official!

My brother is engaged! Like a true Texan, he got down on one knee and proposed tonight to his sweet, wonderful girlfriend Ashley, on the Lamar Street Bridge over looking downtown. (Style points, bro, style points!) I am SOOO happy for them, and I'm looking forward to August 14th!