Tuesday, September 28, 2010

For the beauty of the earth...

it's been outrageously beautiful the past couple of days here in the ATX. I was struck by how lovely everything around me truly is, as I was going to the grocery store. These photos may be pedestrian, but I hope they convey the richness of the blue sky, the sparkling sunlight, and the soft greens that make the world sing.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's a darn tootin great day when you can go from this:

 mass chaos, disorder, plain laziness...

 to this:

Orderly, can-find-it-got-a-place-for-it-finally-using-those-hat-boxes organized. WHEW!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Here's the thing...

Preface: this is a rant. I've been medicated for a cold in the past 24 hours, and so don't take anything I say here seriously.

I've had this on my mind for a few months, so I think I'm finally gonna share:

College was not what it was cracked up to be.

Eeeek! I know, I said it. Give me 30 lashes, or what have you. I understand that my sentiments are not shared by the general populace, and that makes me weird. Get over it, I've been weird for awhile, and I'm not gonna change anytime soon.

Here's my reasoning behind taking the college experience down by a few notches:

-Unrealistic expectations. Between hearing rosy glossed over memories from parents, seeing how "awesome" college is in the television/film arena, and in my case, getting spoonfuls of what is supposed to happen in college from my cultural background (find the love of your life by 21, get married and have babies before graduation)-- all of that just set up for loads of disappointment. My university was not the same one my parents attended 20 years earlier. It in no way represents any university found in a tv series or a movie. And those cultural expectations? That happens to maybe 10% of the people who went to the same university I did. Lemme tell you, it's weird when the things that your culture says are supposed to happen to you on a certain time frame don't happen on that time frame.

-My college years were miserable. Don't get me wrong, I met great people, I had a fantastic education, and on the whole I came out a better person. But you couldn't pay me to go back and do it again. I dealt with more outside stress, more worry, more anxiety than a person my age really should have had to. You know how people look back and wistfully remember the great times in college? I won't. My college years were defined by anxiety, depression, worry. The best lesson I learned in college (and the one I'm most grateful for) is how to get out of bed, how to keep going and how to move past all the bad stuff going on in life, and get things done.

--You know how I know college wasn't what it was cracked up to be? Life after college! I can't tell you how much I've loved my life after college-- it's been great. I joined an LDS singles group that was much more healthy in terms of how young LDS adults dated and courted one another. I found the love of my life and married him. I've been able to really strengthen my family as an adult living nearby, and have countless opportunities to serve. I live in a ward with great people, who are incredibly understanding of different people in different phases of life. I have a job where I get the opportunity to live my standards and share the gospel all the time.

I think my biggest criticism of the college experience, is that some look back at college and go "this was the best time of my life, and my friends are the best from college, and it was so great and it can never get any better." How can you say that? Shouldn't the next phase of life just get better? Shouldn't we be aiming to improve on our circumstances, to live more outside of ourselves, to serve others, to love more, to live the gospel with greater enthusiasm-- in other words-- to live life as our Father in Heaven would want us to live it-- better?

How can we do that if we hold on to a time and idealize it as the "best" when really the best is yet to be?

ok, I think I've made my point. end rant.

Friday, September 10, 2010

New Blog

I'm not abandoning this blog, but starting a hobby blog with some friends. Since it's essentially a recipe exchange, I thought I'd open it up to all my friends everywhere-- all the deets explaining how it works are on the blog, on the second tab. I'm really excited about it, and hope it takes off!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

best weekend EVAR!

No seriously, it was one of the best weekends we've had in quite some time.

We got invited to go camping. I can honestly say, I wasn't that excited about it.

But I was wrong. Soooo wrong. Because with a little cool weather, this is what greeted us:

Gorgeous. I was dumbfounded. Camping here didn't seem like it would be a possibility in Texas. We were invited for the whole weekend, but we couldn't get subs for nursery, so we only went down friday and saturday. It was so much fun, even the simple things like playing the guitar, cooking over the fire, and just staying up late and talking, knowing that the only thing to do in the morning was sleep in! 

Round the campfire with the girls.

Amy, Kjersti, Me, Amara, Michele and Rhe. Oddly enough, everyone except Kjersti (and Amara of course) went to girls camp together as youth. I would have never guessed that 10 years later, we'd still be friends, and that we would still be camping together.

This is the view from the top of that hill in the first picture. Awesome. The hike reminded me of how out of shape I am. But the view was well worth it.

As my sister in law would say "PRESH"

On the way down the hike, we made a stop in a very nice cool cave, that you kind of had to shimmy through the entire way. This was the entrance.

This is Michele being a cave monster. Her husband is afraid of caves. Yup. Clearly, she thinks its worth mocking, and I'm kind of glad she did, because we now have this picture.

In front of me.... hubby dearest.

Behind me, Michele and Amy. Goobers.

Stud Muffin.

Amy's husband Steve, who was our fearless leader.

Freaking out in the cave. (I look awful, but it's a funny pic)

Hiking down-- way easier than going up!

Sadly, I have no more pictures for the rest of the weekend. We had a fantastic time swimming in that river, and then nice and refreshed, taking off for the ride home. I totally slept the whole way.

Then monday, we hung out with our friends Rawle and Krystelle at Barton Springs. No pics there either. Lame. 

We ended up having dessert at the Goodalls that night with the family and watching the Bosie State vs. Virginia Tech game. 

What did I tell you? Perfect weekend. How could you cram in more friends, more fun, more excitement? Answer: You can't. Sorry, we win. :)

Lastly, I'd like to throw out a shout out to Kjersti and Nate who made the whole weekend possible. Thank-you! And just for you, a little video. (I'm still figuring out my new phone, so the video wasn't as high quality as I wanted it to be... but you get the idea)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The state of bedding today...

While browsing around last night, looking for new pillow shams (ours are in a sad state, and no one ever told me that in marriage, your husband would insist on strange things like sleeping on the pillow shams) I came across a wide variety of bedding, most of which made my eyes want to leave their sockets and hit the ground seeking shelter.

For example:

Romantic isn't it? But on closer inspection:

Why yes, someone has sewn toilet paper into bows on a duvet. This is the kind of thing I'd pay $268.00 for.

I was going to show you some more hideous bedding like this one, that I swear my mother had circa 1990.
Or this one, that any self-respecting man would sleep in.

But this one, takes the cake. Because what person wouldn't want a picture of a girl on their bed?

Classy, just classy.