Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy day

as evidenced by elements of a costume:

(nothing over the top, just a little halloween fun)

and by the arrangement of happy on the fridge:

(wouldn't you like to see gobs of happiness on your fridge everyday?)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our really, important, busy lives...

... have prevented us from posting in over a month. Apologies. First my brother came home from his mission, then unexpectedly we nannied for a week for a great family in our neighboring ward, and then Arthur had to work like crazy. The fire department has finally relocated from their cramped space sharing 3 month "temporary" fix (after the administration building burned down) and its resulted in some serious overtime. Not to mention attending a wedding every weekend (nearly). Its been a crazy month. Here in the last week of October, do I finally get around to showing everyone how in the swing of the season we are:

As our friend Paul said, "I know Arthur lives here because its the most masculine door I could find."

Can you believe that I found a Turkey Nutcracker?! Okay, it came from Target, not that surprising. But our little Halloween figures were! Thanks Kathleen & Kelly!

Here we are embarking on our creative pumpkin carving mission....

Here's our host, doing a fantastic job.

Here's my final creation! Woot!