Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Four weddings, a funeral and a happier me.

Do you have a go to pick me up film? I think I'm one of the few people who does this, but I tend to pick a movie and then for at least a year (sometimes longer) it becomes the film of choice to pick me up when im feeling blue, tired, upset or just bored.

Maybe it's the magic of the movie, drowning out the humdrum of everyday into an alternate reality where naturally, people find their lost loves, end up with the right person, get back on their feet, and win the day so to speak.

In college, my pick me up film was Under the Tuscan Sun. Then it became The new Pride and Prejudice. And then... I didn't have a go to movie for awhile... I don't know why. It just stopped.

Lately, it's been Four Weddings and a Funeral. I love this movie.

I love how it's so 90s. You can have a chance encounter with someone at a wedding, and not see them again-- you don't Facebook them, google them, or text them. You might call them, at home, on your phone. If your supposed to meet up with someone, you can't call to say you'll be late-- you're just late!
Call me crazy, but something about that is so refreshing-- it's the world of the unknown! I sometimes love the thrill of leaving my phone accidentally at home while running errands, and liberatingly, I'm without it for a few hours. It's so freeing! Don't get me wrong, I'm the most connected person out there, (Facebook, twitter, blog, pinterest, & more...) but sometimes its nice to just be alone for awhile.

And it when it comes to romance, again, call me crazy, but I think the less you're connected online, the better it is. It just brings back some of the lost mystique that dating has, you know? I'm super grateful that when my husband and I were dating, we were much more into talking on the phone and seeing each other than we were texting or face booking. (seriously-- I think it's part of the reason I married him.)

But back to the movie: I love it because it's British, and their cuss words just don't seem as bad, and that weddings no matter where you are bring out this side of people that is just interesting. And (SPOILER ALERT) even though the end isn't an ending I approve of in the slightest-- its very 90s to just leave a relationship, an important one at that, extremely open ended and very undefined, I love that "type" of relationship-- is starting to go out of vogue. More and more people I know, Mormon and not Mormon, but my age are settling down, and committing to relationships-- and that's something to smile about.