Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goals for the new year: hey there 2013!

Many people have asked me how my social media fast is going.... And I have to say: really well. While I don't find myself amazed with the gobs of time I'm sure I was wasting (there still is the Internet after all) I do find that I have a measured sense of restored balance and peace. It really feels as though someone has turned off the noisy radio that was blaring in the back of my brain, all the time. One resolution so far is working remarkably well-- I can't wait until a month in to see the difference in my life.

However, I have more goals for 2013. Do you find the new year is the only time for goals or do you reset goals as you go? I'm a 2-3 times a year person myself, BUT I'd actually like a year where I kept and achieved all the goals I set for myself.

So....2013 Goals!

1) stick to a regular program of gospel study.
2) prepare a Sunday school lesson every week regardless of class there or not.
3) pray deeply on how to love those I've been given stewardship for.
4) go to the temple once a month.

1) Stick to my calorie goal and have a monthly reward for getting it done 90% that month.
2) keep working out with friends 5 days a week

1) finish the rough draft of my book and get through the first revision
2) participate in the best friends book club with vigor

1) have people over in our home at least once a month (sometimes I have a weird phobia of hosting.)
2) send handwritten pieces of mail to people throughout the year.

Relationship goals:
1) keep a marriage journal. Write down promptings, insights, fun things we do together etc
2) exhale minor frustrations and inhale more love. (I get angry over really stupid things)

Random bits:
1) pick one area of the house per month to reorganize, deep clean and practice keeping it that way for that month.
2) do not despair over an unclean house. It can be cleaned again.
3) do not procrastinate cleaning. 15 minutes makes it feel a lot better.
4) take more pictures and journal the year as we go.


  1. I tend to make goals throughout the year and reset them or rewrite them as necessary. Unfortunately, I don't do much it really measuring whether or not I accomplish them. It's not as much that I don't accomplish them as much as it is that I don't give myself credit for accomplishing them.

  2. Awesome goals! Let's go to the temple together this month!